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  • Jul302017

    Important Notice to Mariners. Please Read

    Dear All,

    As part of the intertidal and nearshore works involving the WALNEY EXTENSION (WOWO3+4) EXPORT CABLE LAY two positions of exposed cable are reported on the Middleton Sands.

    These positions will be covered at high water

    The positions are reported as between the following co-ordinates :

    Lat 54″   00.34N  –  Long002″   56.57W        to        Lat54″   00.41W  –  Long002″   53.97W


    Lat54″    00.31W  – Long002″   56.58W        to        Lat54″   00.38W  –  Long002″   53.96W

    Mariners are requested and advised to note these positions and enter them on their charts/plotters and keep clear until notified that all of the nearshore works have completed and all cables are safely buried.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are unsure about any of the above or require any further information, also please pass this information to any of your colleagues who you think might be interested.

    If you know of any fisherman who works the area and does not receive this information or anybody else who would benefit from this information please let me know.


    Regards :  Tom Watson

    Tel………. Mobile 07903 173 624

                      Home 01253 875565


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    Ribble Cruising Club
  • Jul302017
    Ribble Cruising Club
  • Jul212017

    RYA Day Skipper Course Planned Start September 27th 2017

    Rob is planning to run an RYA Day Skipper Course starting 27th Sepember 2017

    See poster and contact Rob for more details.

    day skipper 2017 flyer
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    Ribble Cruising Club
  • Jul182017

    August Barbeque at the Dock

    Come and join the sailors down at the Dock after Sailing on 12th August for music and food.

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    Ribble Cruising Club
  • Jul112017


    MV Carrier


    Ormonde_OWF (new chart)

    From: Tom Watson

    Sent: Saturday, July 08, 2017 9:29 AM

    To: Tom Watson



    Dear All,


    The Dive support/Utility vessel M/V ‘CARRIER’ is on passage back site to continue with the SUB-SEA INSPECTION OPERATIONS at each Turbine position in the ORMONDE OFFSHORE WIND FARM.


    M/V ‘CARRIER’ will continue to inspect all of the sub-sea workings of each Turbine along the D String, which is the inshore section, before moving off to inspect the next string


    M/V ‘CARRIER’ will work during daylight hours only and the programme of work is expected to last for approx. 44 days, depending on weather and conditions.


    The ALPHA FLAG (White and Blue) will be displayed whenever DIVERS are in the water and a minimum 500 meters Safety Exclusion Zone is requested at all times whenever this vessel is on site


    Support craft (CTVs) will also be in attendance.


    Fishermen are requested and advised to avoid setting any pots within 500 meters of any of the mentioned Turbine positions, or Turbine strings, that will be advised during this period, if in doubt please contact me.



    For more information on the boundaries of the 50 metre Advisory Safety distances please ensure that you have the latest KIS-ORCA information installed – this can be downloaded from http://www.KIS-ORCA.eu


    Please also consult the MMO website : https://www.gov.uk/guidance/marking-of-fishing-gear-retrieval-and-notification-of-lost-gear


    If fishing inside the Wind Farm you are advised to use Dhan Buoys anchored towards the middle of the lane with a long weighted feed line rather than Marker Buoys that can be moved by the strong tides and so foul the Turbines.



    A listening watch will be kept on VHF Channels 16 & 12 and any of the vessels, can be contacted for information relating to vessel movement and DIVING OPERATIONS only


    Attached for information is the ‘Kingfisher Flyer’ which gives all of the relevant information concerning the ORMONDE OFFSHORE WIND FARM, also attached is a picture along with the details of M/V ‘CARRIER’


    Please note that the ‘Flyer’ is provided for information relating to the Wind Farm only and should not be used for navigation.


    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information


    Regards  :  Tom Watson

    Tel………..  Mobile 07903 173 624

           Home 01253 87



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    Ribble Cruising Club
  • Jul112017

    Free Tickets to Southampton Boat Show For RYA Members

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    Ribble Cruising Club
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