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    Posts tagged with ‘Sailing’

    • Nov212017

      RYA December Clubroom

    • Nov162017

      Notice Of Marine Operations

    • Nov162017

      UC Eskmeals Firing Programme for 14th November to 1st December 2017



      MOD Eskmeals – Activity Alert: 14th November to 1st December  2017

      Detailed below is advance notification of activities which may be noticed in your neighbourhood. All of the limitations and stipulations outlined below apply.


      Date            Reason for Notification
      14 to 15 Nov No Firing
      16 Nov Firing
      17 Nov No Firing
      20 to 25 Nov Firing
      28 Nov to 01 Dec Firing

      I hope that you find this information useful. Please feel free to pass it on to your neighbours.

      Yours faithfully,


       Limitations and Stipulations

       All activity on the site is conducted in a strictly controlled environment and presents no danger to the public. Please note that the weather, tide times and other operational requirements play a crucial part in trials planning and scheduling. Any one, or a combination of these factors, may mean that the activity has to be cancelled and rescheduled at short notice and it may not be possible to provide you with an updated schedule of work.

      The flying of red flags at the range boundary, or the lima flag (yellow and black quartered) at further points, indicates to members of the public that the range is active and there will be firing activities taking place.  At those times the byelaws noted on the signs near to the flags are in force.  If the red (or lima) flags are not flying, the range is not active and there will be no firing activities undertaken and as such the byelaws are not in force.

      Please be aware that QinetiQ carries out work at MOD Eskmeals on behalf of the MOD, under contract with the Secretary of State for Defence.  Because of the nature of the work, QinetiQ is limited as to the level and detail of information it can provide in these communications.

      QinetiQ operates a free phone care line number, 0800 0150536 for members of the public to call with any queries or concerns.

      Please feel free to forward this message on to others who you feel may benefit.

      If you do not wish to receive these notifications please reply to this email with a request to unsubscribe.

      Yours sincerely

      “This information has been generated for the purposes of informing the public as to QinetiQ’s scheduled operations at the MOD Eskmeals Range and it is acknowledged that the information may be included in other websites and publications. Please note that QinetiQ does not accept responsibility for or endorse any independent website or publication  which features this information.”

      Penny Haworth
      Community Liaison Officer, ESKMEALS RANGE
      Tel: 0800 0150536
      QinetiQ – Delivering customer-focused solutions

      Please consider the environment before printing this email



    • Nov142017

      North West Cruising ‘Get Together’

      Subject: North West Cruising ‘Get Together’

      Hi friends.


      Could you please forward details of this excellent cruising initiative.


      I know many club members sail both dinghy’s and also have a keen interest with big boat sailing, so here’s a great opportunity for the cruisers !

      Dear all,
      Just to let you know there is a North Wales and North West Cruising ‘Get together’ on the 2nd December, 3pm, Conwy area, actual location TBC. It’s aimed all those involved in the Cruising Scheme (CI’s, YMI’s, Shorebased Instructors etc), with the possibility of getting out for a sail on 3rd if conditions allow.  There will be led discussion on any topics that attendees wish to discuss within a mutually supportive environment.  MOB is already on the list… Then an onwards move to eat and drink at a local hostelry!  Please contact Cris Miles for more info and to register your interest in attending info@boomsailing.org.uk

      Kind regards,


      Alan Jones

      Sailing Development Officer

      Contracted by Royal Yachting Association

      M: 07857 646 434 | E: alan.jones@rya.org.uk

    • Nov142017
    • Nov042017

      RYA Cruising News November

    • Sep232017

      September Regatta


      The RCC September Regatta all weekend

      September Regatta with Lunches     organisers: RF JR/Lorna /Gilda

    • Sep112017

      September RYA In Brief out now




    • Sep072017

      WEST of DUDDON SANDS WIND FARM – Fish Survey Update


      From: Tom Watson

      Sent: Monday, September 04, 2017 9:03 AM

      To: Tom Watson


      Dear All,

      ‘BENAIAH IV’ (picture attached) has completed the Benthic Survey at the BURBO 2 (EXT) WIND FARM and is now arriving on site at the WEST of DUDDON SANDS WIND FARM to start the Fish Survey


      This survey consists of 23 Otter Trawls and 23 Beam Trawls (using the 2m Beam) and will last for approx. 5 days, again depending on weather and conditions.

      The attached small chartlet gives an overview of the survey with the trawl survey positions in red and the beam trawl survey positions blue.

      This survey is not expected to interfere with any other vessel

      A listening watch will be kept on VHF Channels 16 & 12 as well as monitoring VHF Channel 14 and ‘BENAIAH IV’ can be contacted for information relating to vessel movement only



      For more information on the boundaries of the 50 metre Advisory Safety distances please ensure that you have the latest KIS-ORCA information installed – this can be downloaded from http://www.KIS-ORCA.eu

      Please also consult the MMO website : https://www.gov.uk/guidance/marking-of-fishing-gear-retrieval-and-notification-of-lost-gear

      If fishing inside the Wind Farm you are advised to use Dhan Buoys anchored towards the middle of the lane with a long weighted feed line rather than Marker Buoys that can be moved by the strong tides and so foul the Turbines.


       Attached for information is the ‘Kingfisher Flyer’ which gives all of the relevant information concerning WEST of DUDDON SANDS WIND FARM as well as the picture of ‘BENAIAH’.

       Please note that the ‘Flyers’ are for provided for information purposes relating to the Wind Farm only and should not be used for navigation.

      If you know of any fisherman who works the area and does not receive this information or anybody else who would benefit from this information please let me know.

      Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information

      Regards :  Tom Watson

      Tel………. Mobile 07903 173 624

                        Home 01253 875565


      ‘BENAIAH 1V’
    • Sep072017

      September Regatta