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    Duddon Sands Export Cable Survey Underway

    Duddon Sands Export Cable Survey Underway
    19th Apr 2017 Richard Hoad
    In Sailing, Sailing [NTM]

    Dear All,



    A Bathymetric survey along the whole length of the WEST of DUDDON SANDS WIND FARM EXPORT CABLE is scheduled to start on or around Monday 17th April.


    The survey will be carried out by Bibby Hydromap’s 15 meter survey catamaran ‘LIA’ and is expected to last for approx. 8 days, depending on weather and conditions.


    ‘LIA’ will operate on a 12 hr daylight only schedule.


    All mariners should please note that as ‘LIA’ will at all times be using highly sensitive Multi Beam Echo Sounding Equipment a wide berth, minimum 500 meters, is requested around the vessel at all times and passing vessels are requested to reduce speed if possible.


    The survey will concentrate in particular at Cable crossings and at sections of cable where scour protection works have been carried out.


    A listening watch will be kept on VHF Channels 16 & 12 and ‘LIA’ can be contacted for information relating to survey operations only, ‘LIA’ will also monitor Channel 14 when in the approaches to Heysham


    Attached for information is a small chartlet which shows the general run of the Export Cable with some of the crossings and areas to be surveyed marked, there is also a picture of ‘LIA’


    Please note that the ‘Chartlet’ is provided for information purposes relating to thesurvey only and should not be used for navigation.


    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information

    Regards  :  Tom Watson

    Tel……….. Mobile 07903 173 624

                      Home 01253 875565


    WoDS Exp. Cable Survey – ‘LIA’ April 17