The RYA is today issuing a timely reminder of the importance of following marina and boatyard rules and taking essential safety precautions when antifouling.

The advice aims to inform and advise boat owners on the hazards associated with antifouling in light of a fatal incident in Weymouth this week.  Although the cause of the incident is as yet unknown, sadly a man in his 50s died after his boat fell on him during pre-season antifouling.

Be prepared

With the boating season now upon us, many boat owners will be heading to the chandlery to buy this year’s tin of antifouling.  The first step to a good antifoul job is making sure you’re properly prepared in all respects.

Antifouling products are regulated by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and you should take note of the conditions of use printed on the product’s label.  You should also make sure that your boat is properly propped and chocked so that it is safe to work on and you should pay attention to any marina and boatyard rules when antifouling.

Potential hazards

Stuart Carruthers, RYA Cruising Manager, said: “It’s vital that boat owners are aware of the potential hazards associated with antifouling their boats and that extends beyond the products themselves.

“Antifouling is an important job, you need to be clothed appropriately and you need to dispose of waste properly. It is also vital that you make sure your boat is safe to work on, think carefully before you move boat props to get to those parts of the hull that are masked by them.

“The British Coatings Federation’s DIY Safe Antifouling Initiative provides a lot of useful information and is helping to raise awareness of those hazards. But as the new season gets underway, we are once again highlighting the importance of using the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment and following marina and boatyard rules when antifouling.”

Find out more 

For more information and to watch a five minute video on “How to safely antifoul your boat”, visit the RYA Safe Boating hub and follow the best practice advice available from The Green Blue.